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Eat Your 'Blahs' for Breakfast: Top Mood & Energy Lifters

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Posted on: August 20, 2013 12:24 PM

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Have you ever had 'one of those days'?  Chances are you already know the ominous circumstances that can lurk behind this phrase.  'One of those days' can mean everything from a flat tire, to spilled coffee.  It can be a compilation of little bummers, or it can be the nearest definition of catastrophe.  Regardless, we have all been there. If you have no idea what I am talking about, I will assume one of the following:  1) you have mastered the art of blissful ambivalence, 2) you are a big, fat liar face, 3) you are rocking some serious anti-depressants, or 4) you are one of those annoyingly happy people who dot their I's with little hearts (in which case, I wonder how many bodies you have hidden in your basement).

On the flip side, have you ever had 'one of those days' in which absolutely EVERYTHING went according to plan, or even better?!  You felt productive, full of energy, maybe even lucky (or, blessed).  Don't you wish that you could bottle that feeling and save it for a rainy day?    Well, in some respects, you can!  
More specifically, you can bottle it, bag it, and store it in your desk drawer for those times when your energy is waning, or the 'Blahs' threaten to steal your sunshine.  Some foods that we think of as average, every day fare actually lead a superhero double life in the 'Battle of the Blahs'!  Allow me to introduce you to a few Clark Kent's of the food world.

1) Nuts and Seeds.  Ah Nuts!!  These guys are all over the place in terms of wholesome goodness!  Easy to pack, easy to store, easy to carry, delightful to eat... these little buggers deliver a giant sized PUNCH of energy and good feelings due, in part, to their abundance of magnesium, iron, B vitamins, protein and Omega 3.  Throw some on a salad, or munch in a traffic jam... once the serotonin starts flowin', you'll know why they're not just for hippies anymore! 

2) Spinach.  Who do you immediately associate with spinach?  I'll give you a hint... he is a muscle bound sailor.  Whether or not you believe Popeye deserves the title of 'superhero', his ever present can of spinach certainly does! Iron, magnesium, vitamin B (are you starting to see a pattern here?), as well as potassium and vitamin C are just a few of the Blah busting powers that spinach brings to the table. 

3) Ancient Grains.  These sound boring, complicated, and expensive.  I thought the same thing, until I looked around to find that Quinoa was the new French Fry.  Offered as a side dish, on salad bars, and in the ingredients of main stream entrees, the Ancient Grains are getting a fresh new look.  Like oatmeal, the Ancient Grains are chock full of complex carbohydrates (the good kind), which digest slowly to give you a KICK of sustainable energy, and fiber, which aids in digestion while helping you to feel satiated longer.

4) Beans, beans, the magical food.  Cue our usual suspects:  magnesium, iron, protein, vitamin B, fiber... the beans have it all! While they may 'make you toot', they also work overtime on your digestive health and deliver a steady flow of energy.  Why not be a HERO to your animal friends and use beans as a substitute for meat! Not only would you earn the love of a cow, you would also reap the benefits of a rich source of protein and iron, that places a lower burden on the digestive system.  Plus, beans are lower in calories, and virtually fat free!! 

5) BONUS:  Did you know that you receive your daily allotment of Vitamin D simply by sitting in direct sunlight for 15 minutes?  Sunlight has also been shown to improve mood and increase energy! 

While the foods listed above can punch your Blahs right in the face, they need daily vigilance from YOU, concerned citizen!  Knowing that these foods can do a world of good for your mood, energy, health, etc... you should also know that the reverse is true.  There are an increasing number of studies linking depression and fatigue to a) fast food, b) unknown food intolerance (i.e. gluten!), and c) obesity.  I am sure that we have only begun to scratch the surface on all the harm that food can inflict, but today is not a day for villains!!  Grab a handful of seeds, sit in the sun, and blast "Walking on Sunshine" as loud as you can, because you know a few super heroes that are ready to battle the Blahs on your behalf whenever you call. 

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