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What Others Have to Say

Megan was my spinning instructor for 3 years at a local Chicago gym before I moved to Texas. Under her guidance and encouragement I lost 40 pounds. She is always upbeat, positive, encouraging, and a dynamic motivational instructor! Megan chose great music to spin by, encouraged her clients to submit suggestions, and always made sure your form was spot on so that you would not injure yourself. Not many instructors know how to make an incredibly hard work-out fun...but she did. Since moving, I have had a few instructors and no one surpasses Megan's classes. I have no doubt that her personal training and wellness programs are superb

Penny P.

Megan whipped me in shape for my wedding in 2008. I took her spinning class, and she gave me a full-body workout, which is difficult to do on a spin bike. She is very creative in her workouts and mixes hard work with fun. I was never bored and consistently burned over 700 calories in the hour we were together.

Alisa H.

Megan is wonderful to work with. I have been a client of hers for 4 months and throughout that time she has been a huge support. She makes me want to work harder and gives me the confidence that I need to carry on. I have had other trainers in the past, but working with Megan is different. She knows how hard my body can be pushed and works with me to get me to the next level. After the first week I could feel a difference in my body's strength and my energy level. She is also very reliable and flexible which is greatly appreciated with my busy work schedule. She really is amazing!!!!

Camille B.

First of all, if there was a 6 star option, it would be applicable for Megan Z., group fitness instructor and personal trainer extraordinaire. I have been attending Megan's group fitness classes for nearly 2 years now, following her to multiple gym locations to experience the consistently challenging and extremely rewarding group fitness classes Megan leads. Her classes are difficult, inspirational, and interestingly enough, very fun. I am in the best shape of my life thanks to her classes and will vouch for any and all of her fitness endeavors. Thanks Megan! You're the best!

Ryan H.

Meg is an awesome personal trainer!

Jason Z.

Megan is more motivating than a live grenade in a fox hole. Her classes are the bomb!

Mike C.
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